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A lively tavern that’s open to both Melee members and the public, mouthwatering scent making it a popular spot for many city dwellers to stop by for lunch or dinner.
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Guild Hall

The Melee Guild is located near the center of the city. A large stone building with two big wooden doors that one might find imposing if they didn't look kind of worn, in that homely, comforting sort of way. The doors were also thrown open most of the day allowing the sound of merriment and laughter to reach the ears of any passing by.

1200px-MeleeGuildHallEntrance.jpg (65.37 KiB) Viewed 5670 times
The heavy doors are ceremonially opened each morning by a group of melee guildmates in a show of strength, teamwork and general hullabalu. Being closed in a similar fashion in the evenings, a smaller door is inlaid into the door to allow continued access after the performance. Two metal brazier stand guard either side of the doors.

Inside the doors lie a spacious hall, vaulted ceiling supported by two rows of pillars which lead to another, smaller door, next to which hang a tapestry of the Melee crest and one where each guild member has left their signature. Behind the pillars at either end of the room stained glass windows one side depicting a mix of stitching motifs and the other battles and feats of strength. Both windows overlook a collection of lounges and armchairs where you'll often find melee students relaxing and stitching with their friends from other guilds.

The small door leads into a lively tavern, mouthwatering scent making it a popular spot for many city dwellers to stop by for lunch or dinner. The room is lit and warmed by a roaring fire set in the back, wooden tables take up most of the floor space and a bar takes up the wall closest to the door. The walls are lined with cross stitch works, most prominently featured is an illustrated adaptation of the Melee Guilds Creed. Some of the tables are set up with space around them so people can gather to watch the arm and thumb wrestling tournaments that are popular amongst the melee guild.

Unobtrusive doors behind the bar and near the fireplace lead into the private sections of the guild hall.
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