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Have you completed a quest but aren't quite sure how to turn it in? That's okay!
If you weren't on the internet in the era of Forums this can be pretty confusing. So let's go over it step by step.

First, find the quest you want to turn in. All the quests can be found under the Quest board divided into several different types.

Main Quests require you to stitch something, or design a pattern.
Side Quests require you to do some research, or organize your stash.
Player Quests require you to develop your character and may involve creative writing or roleplay.
Guild Quests require you to work with others in your guild.

As an example, I'll be using the 'Bewitching Blackwork' quest as it requires both a photo of your piece, and a link to the pattern you found or purchased.

Once you've done what the quest calls for (in this case, stitching a blackwork pattern), you'll want to reply to the post. In the upper left and the bottom left corners of the page you'll find a 'Post Reply' button.
RPG_PostReply.png (80.62 KiB) Viewed 2412 times
Clicking it will open the reply field where you can type out things like what you stitched, whether you enjoyed it, what you learned, etc.

== Attaching Images ==

If the quest calls for a photo, you'll want to attach it to your reply. Down near the bottom you'll find the Attachment tab.
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You'll then click on 'Add files' and find the file on your computer/phone. The file you just uploaded will show up below.
RPG_Attachment_PlaceInline.png (35.78 KiB) Viewed 2412 times
If you made a mistake you can then Delete file and try again. Otherwise, click on 'Place inline' and it will automatically generate the code into your reply. It'll look something like this:

Code: Select all


== Adding Links ==

Your quest might also require you to link to something, such as where someone can buy or download the pattern you used. Or a link to a finishing tutorial you found. You can click the link icon at the top which will drop a bit of code into your reply.
RPG_URLLink.png (13.47 KiB) Viewed 2412 times
You can then just paste the link URL in between those brackets like so:

Code: Select all

Or you can use BBCode to make it slightly more 'fancy' by editing that code slightly so it links a word instead of a long URL.

Code: Select all

[url=http://examplelink.com/whatever]What you want the link to say[/url]
Hope that makes sense! Feel free to ask if you need any clarification. :)
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