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Magic Guild
The Magic guild is a place for all who dabble in the art of needlecraft. While many may think we aren't as swift or as strong as others, we excel in taking project ideas and transforming them into something extraordinary.

It isn't just about how we stitch, presentation and how we express our craft is also important! We magic users have a talent in bending patterns to our will and may even delve into the alchemy of hand dyeing fabric and thread to help our project truly shine.

The Magic Guild's Recipe for Success
  • A design that sparks passion in you
  • A pinch of magical flourish
  • A technique that inspires you to finish
  1. Enjoy the journey without fear of failure
  2. Embrace your mistakes along the way
  3. Find new, creative flair to add to your recipe on the fly
  4. Assist those who are afraid to stitch along the way
  5. Share your work to inspire others, and credit those whose work inspired yours
  6. Keep practicing your magic and understand that this growth is for skill, and perfection is a myth.