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Quests involving stitching or design work.
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As you and your specter companion finish up your stitching projects, a thought flashes in your mind. You stand up and run into the guild library, standing below a row of old tapestries from when the guild first formed.

Behind you, the ghost’s soft voice asks, “Where are you going in such a hurry, my friend?”

Examining the stitchwork with squinted eyes, you find what you were looking for. The bottom right corner of one of the tapestries is unfinished. You gently slide your hand on the underside of the fabric and hold it out for the ghost to see.

“Is this your unfinished business?”

The specter drifts closer and examines the stitchwork as intently as you had. A long silent pause fills the room. Suddenly, the ghost seems to radiate an ethereal glow. “This is it – this is my unfinished business! I never completed my corner of the tapestry!”

You both break out in cheers, which are abruptly cut short as a communal, “SHHH!” rings out from the sleeping quarters' hallway.

Gently, you remove the tapestry from the wall and the specter takes it back to the stitching spot you have shared for the last several weeks. The ghost begins stitching, it’s entire being seemingly at ease for the first time. Finally, you realize, this newfound friend can be at peace.

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Your Quest
It's time to pull out your oldest unfinished project and give it a bit of tlc. This quest is to work on your oldest UFO, how much work and what that work entails up to you. Little bit of stitching or some beading? Some frustrated frogging that you've been putting off? Have you finished all the stitching but have been meaning to find a way to finish it since forever? Now's the time.

If you don't have any UFOs (I'm impressed), you could choose to start on an old pattern or kit you've had in your stash for a while and just never got around to starting. Or you could just continue to work on your current project~ Up to you!

The general goal is just to not have to pick up new materials right now, and to feel a bit of productivity.

We are *not* expecting a finish photo necessarily! It's probably gonna be mostly WIPs. But if you manage to finish up an old project that's awesome too!

Just set aside at least 2 hours (or more) to work on your project of choice.

Note that there is also an 'Revisit a UFO' quest which is to work on any UFO, not necessarily your oldest.

Turn In
All done? Reply here with a photo of your UFO, before and after. If possible, please include a direct link to the pattern you used.

If you did this quest back in December 2021 on the discord feel free to re-submit the piece you did then, stitch a new one, or both!

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Once you've turned in your project, please wait patiently. A council member will assign you the appropriate item soon. :)
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