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Magic Classes

Posted: 16 Mar 2023 04:57
by Sirithre
If you're joining the Magic Guild you can choose which class you'd like to be in!

sorcerer.png (1.39 KiB) Viewed 3310 times
Sorcerers are typically cross stitchers whose skills were taught by family, handed down through generations; or one who was simply inexplicably drawn to the art by an inner force, whose skills come from within.

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Warlocks are typically cross stitchers who gained their ability to stitch through a bargain or deal with a skilled master of the craft.

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Wizards are often self-taught stitchers with a penchant for researching styles and manipulating patterns to suit their need. They are the keepers of stitching tips and forgotten knowledge.

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Clerics are superstitious stitchers who trust the stitchy gods to get them through their games of thread chicken and to ensure their dye lots always match.