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Quests involving designing or role-playing your character.
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Welcome to the Player Quests Board. Here you'll find quests involving character development or creative writing.
But not all quests are the same. So let's discuss the types of quests found here.

Next to each post you'll see an icon indicating the type of quest is is, featuring the type of reward you're likely to find for completing that quest.

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Character Creation Quests
These are quests around developing your stitchy persona. Figuring out your alignment, what your character looks like, their class, etc. It's all cosmetic but super fun to think about. :)
Rewards will be things like food and materials

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Role Play Quests
These are quests that involve interacting with other players, or writing up a fun short story about your character in our imagined stitchy world.
Rewards will be spells and enchantments