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Quests involving researching, organization, or other tasks.
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Welcome to the Side Quests Board. Here you'll find quests involving research or to take a photo of something specific.

But not all quests are the same. So let's discuss the types of quests found here.

Next to each post you'll see an icon indicating the type of quest is is, featuring the type of reward you're likely to find for completing that quest.
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Fetch Quests
These are scavenger style quests that will have you looking for and taking a photo of something. Whether that be your scissor collection, a color palette, your favorite stitch spot, etc.
Rewards will be things like Coins, Keys, and other Treasure.

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Research Quests
These are quests that involve researching something new. Mostly it will involve you googling and finding an example or tutorial of a type of stitchwork.
Rewards will be things like gems and crystals.

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Upkeep Quests
These quests generally involve tidying up your stash. Whether organizing it, decluttering, cleaning, etc.
Plenty of options will be given and will not require spending money on new things.
Rewards will be things like rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.