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Quests involving stitching or design work.
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Welcome to the Main Quests Board. Here you'll find quests involving stitching or design work.
But not all quests are the same. So let's discuss the types of quests found here.

Next to each post you'll see an icon indicating the type of quest is is, featuring the type of reward you're likely to find for completing that quest.
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Artist Studies
These are quests designed to introduce you to an artist with a particular design style. They'll typically have you stitch one of their designs. And then have you discuss what makes their style unique.
Only artists with free designs available will be studied, so don't worry about having to spend money on a new pattern.
Rewards will be things like Books, Scrolls, and Tools

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Stitch Quests
These are quests that involve stitching something new. Whether trying a new technique, picking out a design with a specific theme, or stitching with new materials. We try to keep things pretty open to interpretation so you can stitch from your stash without having to buy new products for these quests.
Rewards will be weapons. Whether swords, axes, bows, daggers, staves, etc.

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WIP Quests
These quests generally involve making some progress in an old WIP or UFO. But options will be given in case you're one of the rare few who only work on one project at a time.
Rewards will typically be armor and shields.

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Design Quests
These quests require more creativity on your part. Whether designing a pattern based on a theme, or another creative endeavor such as dyeing fabric.
Rewards will typically be Helmets, Hats, and Boots