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You may see myself and others mention Discord here and there as this RPG was originally started on the Pixel Stitch Discord Server. Most of the RPG participants likely came here from Discord. However, it's possible you got here through Google, so let me explain just in case!

Basically Discord is a free persistent chat application allowing for communities of people with similar interests to talk, share information, and generally get to know each other.

While originally started for gamers to connect over their favorite games, it has expanded to include a wide variety of topics. Including crafts.

The Pixel Stitch Discord Server is primarily cross-stitch focused, however we have a variety of optional channels for you to share other crafts, day to day life, and bond over photos of your pets/plants.

We even hold community events like swaps, charity quilts, and... this RPG!

If you're interested in hanging out with the community in real time, feel free to join us! It can be pretty overwhelming at first, so don't feel obligated to chat right away. But if you do, we'll do our best to welcome you in. :)

Click this link to join.
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