Fantastic Familiars

Quests involving stitching or design work.
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Stitching Quest Fantastic Familiars


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Magic Guild

The full moon has arrived, and you are ready to summon your familiar. You, your guild mates, and those who have chosen to participate from other guilds follow the standard preparations methodically. Each step is as important as the last and must be performed in order.

You bathe in a warm sea salt bath, dress in your robes, and go to the magical space the guild has cleansed in the gardens of the guild hall. Standing in a circle, you each hold a pink or white candle with a dash of your favourite oil. A guide goes to each member in the circle with their own lit candle and passes the flame onto your awaiting wick. As the candles burn, the guide distributes dried sage leaves to smudge the space.

Together, you recite the Familiar Summoning spell that you each have practised so diligently in the coming weeks. As the incantation comes to an end, you blow out your candles, place them in the grass at your feet, and return to your homes. In the night, you will be visited by your familiar…

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Agility Guild & Melee Guild

Those who have decided to meditate and meet an animal companion venture into the forest at their own leisure. The process is slower and does not always produce results as quickly as a summoning ceremony. However, each of you has committed to the process. At each meditation session, you find a quiet, comfortable place among nature in your solitude. You sit or lie down, breathing deeply throughout your entire body. You observe your surroundings carefully, taking everything in that you can.

You imagine yourself walking along a path among the trees until you come to an ancient bridge. This is the bridge to the spirit realm. You take pause before crossing and set your intention to meet your animal companion. At this point, you know you only cross if you feel ready. If you see a creature appear across the bridge, you are ready and may proceed.

Scenario 1: If no creature appears, you end the session and return another day to repeat the process.

Scenario 2: If you see a creature appear in the distance, you cross the bridge and meet your animal companion. Greet it respectfully and thank it for appearing.

Story Reference

Your Quest
Many of us have furry partners that keep us company while we’re stitching, the quest this month is a tribute to their hard work.

For this quest, we want you to stitch an animal! It can be any animal it doesn’t have to be what your character would have or a standard pet, it doesn’t even have to be a standard animal, dragons and griffins are more than welcome.

You can choose a standalone critter or something that’s part of a larger work, whichever works for you.

There are plenty of free and paid cross stitch and pixel art pattern out there with animals. Have a look through the #free-patterns channel on discord or talk with your guild mates for suggestions.

Turn In
All done? Reply here with a photo of your finished piece, and a sentence or two about how its related to your class or why you picked it. When possible, please include a direct link to the pattern you used.

If you did this quest back in July 2021 on the discord feel free to re-submit the piece you did then, stitch a new one, or both!

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Once you've turned in your project, please wait patiently. A council member will assign you the appropriate item soon. :)
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Re: Fantastic Familiars


Post by Alannahold »

Example! I made this goose back in August 2021


"(Un)friendly familiar
HONK!! Stitched a horrible goose from Shitpost Samplers pattern Problems, 4 over 1, 10 ct plastic canvas"
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Re: Fantastic Familiars


Post by FroodMadeIt »

This was done in July 2021:

A quick stitch up from the Kind Thoughts cross stitch book ... 1601401328
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