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You've been journeying for what seems like months now, but you've finally made it. Like many others before you, you'd set out to Stitchwind to improve your craft and learn from the masters. Everyone's reason for making this journey is different, but ultimately they have one common goal. To learn new techniques and expand their knowledge by studying under one of the three great fiber art guilds in this sprawling city.

As you find your way through the city walls you're greeted with a vast bustling metropolis renown for its culture and artisans. Each district seems to hold its own secrets and unique techniques and you're eager to learn them all. The sounds and smells of this new city are overwhelming and you find yourself feeling lost.

It doesn't last long, however. With a sudden burst of energy you remind yourself of the reason you came here and set out to find one of the guilds and enlist. You know you won't make it far without a membership, as the guilds control much of the commerce in the country. Without a membership you'll never be able to make a living from your craft.

But which guild to choose? Each has a different outlook on the craft, and different core tenets that guide their work. The choice is yours.

Join a Guild
Ok, all of this sounds pretty fun. How do I sign up?
Well you'll need a forum account first, so click "Register" in the upper right first, create an account then come back here. :)

The first order of business is to pick which Guild you'd like to join. There's a few different ways you can do that.

- Randomly.
  • Roll a die
  • join the Discord and have the bot pick for you
  • ask a friend without context
- Read about each guild and decide which fits you best. Once you've decided, go to the user control panel under 'Usergroups'. Select the guild you'd like to join, make sure 'join selected' shows in the bottom right and click submit.

Now just wait for a guild leader to approve your request! Note that if you already have a guild group your request will be denied. If you'd like to swap you'll have to resign your other guild first from that same menu.

Upon approval you'll get access to a additional boards including a slew of quests to do, and guild areas for roleplay.

In the meantime, you may want to head over to the Discord server. Once you've accepted the rules of the server you'll also find the #about-RPG channel that will let you choose a guild role to open up that section of the server in case you want to chat in real time with other RPG-ers, or just want your username on discord to match the color of your guild. ;)
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