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New here? Welcome!

If you're looking for a fun way to push yourself to try new things within your cross stitch journey, you're in the right place! Here we'll attempt to provide fun quests to encourage you to expand your horizons and attempt different styles of patterns, new finishing techniques, or even just finish those old projects you abandoned years ago.

To add to the fun we've chosen to do this as if it were a tabletop game with characters, backstories, and equipment. This is all optional so if you're not an RPer that's okay! You can just do the quests and ignore all the flavor text. It's up to you!

While this forum was created with cross stitch in mind, you're welcome to participate with another craft such as hand embroidery! However, you'll need to do some interpretation of some of the quests to make it fit. Feel free to ask on the quest board itself or in Discord if you need help adapting a quest to your chosen craft and the community will do it's best to help you. :)

Ready to get started? Your first task is to Join a Guild.
Once you have been approved you will be able to actually reply to the quests in other sections so you can turn stuff in! In the meantime, you can do some of the other Player Quests such as choosing a class, figuring out your alignment, or making a self portrait.

You can also look around at the other quests available and even start one while you wait for Guild Approval, you just won't be able to turn it in just yet.