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Agility Guild
The Agility Guild is a place for all those who tackle our projects with swiftness. It sometimes feels as though our projects materialize themselves overnight.

We are known for not only our swiftness, but also our resourcefulness. We are willing to try stitching on any material and learning new techniques to add to our ever growing arsenal. We use all these techniques to experiment and take risks with new projects! Great risks reap great rewards!

The Six Tenets of the Agility Guild
  1. You should always be enjoying yourself. And encouraging others to have fun as well. This is not a chore, and you can't fail. You should not be stressing about your tasks, you should focus on growing as an artist.
  2. You should always credit others' work. If you used someone else's pattern, provide an easy and direct way for someone else to obtain that pattern, too. If your design is inspired by another's works, state so clearly and directly. Crediting others for their help in no way devalues your own achievement.
  3. Embrace mistakes. We all make them, novice to advanced. (Submitted by cuteteahoru)
  4. Be open minded: there is no wrong way to cross stitch, people might go about stitching or creating differently than you, and that’s okay. And be willing to accept constructive criticism, sometimes people have been doing this a long time and they may have suggestions or critiques to help you. (Submitted by RoguexStitches)
  5. Be proud of your work. It's good to be humble and take tips, but it's important to be proud of the hard work you put into a project! (Submitted by CleverTwo)
  6. Be kind to yourself and your body, take breaks and work on something else if you feel overwhelmed or bored and just have fun. (Submitted by cuteteahoru )