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Quests involving stitching or design work.
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Once the banners are all back in place, a voice resonates around Stitchwind, sometimes bellowing and far away, sometimes right up against you and singing softly in your ear.

"So you defeated me with your guilds... fine, fine... I accept you did an adequate job with that." The trickster sounds impressed, there's hushed celebration.

"But now I give you a greater challenge. You must face something from your past!" The hushed celebration turns to hushed horror. "We all have mistakes rattling around in our pasts, so show me yours and I might just show you mine..."

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Your Quest
Your quest this time is to try and finish (or start) that piece you had planned to get done for a date that is now past. Such as a Christmas gift from last year, a birth sampler for a child who's now at university or just a work that you’d given a self-set deadline to which never happened. If you don’t have any piece like that, first off well done, the high council applaud you, and secondly work on a current WIP (work in progress) or UFO (UnFinished Object, usually abandoned).

Turn In
All done? Reply here with a photo of your work. Remember to include a link to the pattern if its not your own.

If you did this quest back in June 2022 on the discord feel free to re-submit the piece you did then, stitch a new one, or both!

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Once you've turned in your project, please wait patiently. A council member will assign you the appropriate item soon. :)
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