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by Lumidrell
21 May 2024 06:48
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Topic: Topsy Turvy
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Re: Topsy Turvy

PXL_20240519_154845009.jpg Fungi Book SAL by LivingOnTheRainbow Not a finished piece (and will not be for several months because you know, SAL) but I'm working on the cover frame. I'm too lazy to try and rotate the PDF so I went the harder way of reversing my stitches (\ then / instead of / then \)...
by Lumidrell
14 May 2024 12:01
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Topic: Spooky Stitches
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Re: Spooky Stitches

PXL_20240513_040803399.jpg (2.15 MiB) Viewed 1380 times
Hoppy Halloween by Satsuma Street

Finally rescued lil guy from the WIP pile after like, a year. I just love using beads.
by Lumidrell
07 May 2024 14:24
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Topic: Postponed Plans
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Re: Postponed Plans

PXL_20240418_122308773.jpg (3.59 MiB) Viewed 1099 times
MtG Basic Lands by smallcaketextileart

So for Christmas I made my roommate's Magic the Gathering group shirts with their favourite colour to play. Two of them got done before Christmas. The other two (both green) got done last month. In April. Whoops.
by Lumidrell
12 Apr 2024 18:32
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Topic: Fantastic Familiars
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Re: Fantastic Familiars

TW: pet death Picsart_24-03-21_17-17-22-439.jpg Custom pattern by XstitchbyAnna My best friend was asked to take care of a family friend's elderly cat until she got settled in after moving states and could fly her over. She was only supposed to be there for a month but by April of 2020 there weren't...
by Lumidrell
06 Mar 2024 03:59
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Topic: Color Swap
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Re: Color Swap

Picsart_24-03-06_11-47-59-870.jpg Pokeball Donut by Melee Missy Stitchery (I got it from their Patreon and it doesn't appear to be on their Etsy) I wanted to make a display for the needle minders I bought from them (this isn't even all of them) and I changed pretty much everything to fit the fabric...
by Lumidrell
28 Oct 2023 13:07
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Topic: Friendly Frog
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Re: Friendly Frog

Snapchat-1905891568.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 6250 times
Bushveld Rain Frog by Highland Murr Blackwork

Don't have anything to frog and I needed a quick win while deep in the painkiller fog so I stitched he. He is rotund and I love himb.
by Lumidrell
26 Oct 2023 11:50
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Topic: Something Special
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Re: Something Special

Snapchat-200916965.jpg Noped the Fallopes by TheKosherStitcher Kreinik made a post on insta about their opalescent Cotton Candy thread and I knew I had to have it. It sat unused until I decided it would look great for a photo prop for a big milestone of mine (just got home from it as I'm typing thi...
by Lumidrell
11 Oct 2023 06:29
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Topic: Bewitching Blackwork
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Re: Bewitching Blackwork

Picsart_23-10-11_14-16-22-259.jpg (6.3 MiB) Viewed 5052 times
Patchwork Moon by Cornerhouse115

I struggled at the beginning but halfway through something clicked and I could suddenly do a lot more without getting a headache. Probably a good time to get through the rest of my blackwork pattern stash.
by Lumidrell
22 Aug 2023 16:09
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Topic: Revisit a UFO
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Re: Revisit a UFO

1000011955.jpg (8.44 MiB) Viewed 7909 times
Farming Magic SAL by Flossy Fox Shop

It takes me like 3 days tops to do a Farming Magic part usually but unfortunately Baldur's Gate 3 came out. And I'm moving house. I'll probably finish it after that but right now it sits next to my bed judging me.
by Lumidrell
12 Aug 2023 19:43
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Topic: Specialty Practice
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Re: Specialty Practice

Snapchat-1514509683.jpg (1.2 MiB) Viewed 3426 times
Beginner Whitework Ornament by Teresa Wentzler
(I expect this link to be dead sooner or later, don't know where else to find it though)

This one is entirely specialty stitches, and super fun. I hate chain stitches though.