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by Alannahold
05 Nov 2023 08:45
Forum: Side Quests
Topic: Take Inventory
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Re: Take Inventory

I’ve been procrastinating paperwork so instead turned my productivity to fixing my thread stash today. All my threads have been recorded on my spreadsheet (I use the Lord Libidan one) and apart from two active projects in kit bags all threads are back in their proper spots in the box. I’ve still got...
by Alannahold
29 Oct 2023 04:53
Forum: Main Quests
Topic: Friendly Frog
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Re: Friendly Frog

Lumidrell wrote: 28 Oct 2023 13:07 Don't have anything to frog and I needed a quick win while deep in the painkiller fog so I stitched he. He is rotund and I love himb.
He is very lovable
by Alannahold
20 Sep 2023 10:13
Forum: Side Quests
Topic: Petite Patterns
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Re: Petite Patterns

I absolutely love Highland Murr Stitches mini blackwork patterns on their FB page. They started them as something people could do as quick ornaments or presents near xmas time a few years ago and they’re amazing. I’m fairly sure they’re still making new ones occasionally but I haven’t checked in a w...
by Alannahold
20 Sep 2023 09:59
Forum: Main Quests
Topic: Prepare to Dye
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Re: Prepare to Dye

I was making one of my old dresses pink for the Barbie Movie and deceided to throw in some of my spare aida in with it. Used some random tye dye power I found in my stash. It ended up a pale pink which I had trouble photographing.
pink.jpg (5.04 MiB) Viewed 4409 times
by Alannahold
29 Jul 2023 14:12
Forum: Main Quests
Topic: Mementos to the Past
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Re: Mementos to the Past

Lumidrell wrote: 25 Jul 2023 17:09 My first project was a Vine reference, so I stitched another. I refuse to admit how much I quote it when I'm driving.
That is a good choice of quotes, what was the first one?
by Alannahold
20 Jul 2023 11:25
Forum: Player Quests
Topic: Choose a Class
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Re: Choose a Class

Lumidrell wrote: 19 Jul 2023 11:52 The dice chose paladin for me so I guess that's my life path now
Finally some Melee friends woot
by Alannahold
29 Jun 2023 13:49
Forum: Guild Quests
Topic: Inspirational Words
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Re: Inspirational Words

I completed this quest back in April 2022 with this flower
IMG_0849.jpg (357.01 KiB) Viewed 6525 times
"Didn’t end up using the words I rolled but works for small and nature. Flower pattern by Craftigurumi"
by Alannahold
29 Jun 2023 12:28
Forum: The Tavern
Topic: Tavern Description
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Tavern Description

Guild Hall The Melee Guild is located near the center of the city. A large stone building with two big wooden doors that one might find imposing if they didn't look kind of worn, in that homely, comforting sort of way. The doors were also thrown open most of the day allowing the sound of merriment ...
by Alannahold
06 May 2023 17:10
Forum: Agility Guild
Topic: Agility Classes
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Agility Classes

If you're joining the Agility Guild you can choose which class you'd like to be in! Bard They are cross stitchers who seem to make music as they create, inspiring others to stitch as well. They are familiar with many stories of forgotten stitches and ...
by Alannahold
06 May 2023 17:06
Forum: Agility Guild
Topic: About the Guild (Agility)
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About the Guild (Agility)

AgilityGuild.png Agility Guild The Agility Guild is a place for all those who tackle our projects with swiftness. It sometimes feels as though our projects materialize themselves overnight. We are known for not only our swiftness, but also our resourcefulness. We are willing to try stitching on any...