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by Sirithre
08 Jul 2024 15:07
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Topic: Fantastic Familiars
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Re: Fantastic Familiars

Skwishee wrote: 07 Jul 2024 13:45 I don't have any furry friends (just my goldfish), but in my sewing room I have a plushie Espeon that keeps me company! So this felt the most apt thing to cross stitch for the quest.
oh that's a perfect interpretation! :biggrin: I love it. And now want a friendly Espeon plush of my own. :wink:
by Sirithre
28 Jun 2024 12:35
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Topic: Revisit a UFO
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Re: Revisit a UFO

ButternutTheEven wrote: 27 Jun 2024 23:19 This is actually after I started, I hadn't even started the beard yet when i picked this back up.

BUT HERE HE IS DONE!!!!! I picked this project to start years ago and just never kept at it!
That is one GLORIOUS beard! I bet you're glad it's off your WIP pile finally though. :biggrin:
by Sirithre
24 Jun 2024 03:03
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Topic: Specialty Study
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Re: Specialty Study

Mogrann wrote: 23 Jun 2024 13:57 The first link you posted is no longer good. I got an error message.
Yeah unfortunately the Teresa Wentzler site no longer exists as of August. :sad:
Truly the end of an era.
by Sirithre
24 Jun 2024 02:59
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Topic: Color Swap
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Re: Color Swap

Skwishee wrote: 23 Jun 2024 19:10 I bought this pattern from Sirithre and had fun changing the colours to make the mermaid and fish look like characters from a certain franchise! :wink:
Love how this turned out soo much! :surprised:
by Sirithre
15 Jun 2024 05:46
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Topic: Topsy Turvy
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Re: Topsy Turvy

For this quest I chose to do \ then / and I usually do the opposite. I never realized how second nature it is to do it my usual way. Let's just say I frogged a LOT But I did end up really liking this project. I even went back to my first cross stitches and realized that I actually used to do it thi...
by Sirithre
15 Jun 2024 05:45
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Topic: Project Projection
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Re: Project Projection

Mogrann wrote: 14 Jun 2024 11:11 I used the option of pen and paper to organize my WIPs. This was a good thing to do for me as it helped me recognize what I have left and also will help me get them done.
Love the idea of rolling for WIPs!
(Also your handwriting is so lovely.)
by Sirithre
13 Jun 2024 02:42
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Topic: International Style
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Re: International Style

Mogrann wrote: 12 Jun 2024 17:44 I am Canadian and my husband is first generation Canadian, his parents came from The Netherlands. I picked Dutch cross stitch to look up and was surprised to find one that I found very cute :) I may have to purchase this one
oh that is super cute omg!
by Sirithre
11 Jun 2024 01:43
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Topic: Needle Minder Mania
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Re: Needle Minder Mania

ButternutTheEven wrote: 10 Jun 2024 17:57
This is my teeny collection of needle minders that have spoken to me. the magnet need re-gluing on the dumpster fire, sadly.
Are those AzureKoi bobbins? I have an ace one!
by Sirithre
11 Jun 2024 01:41
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Topic: Bewitching Blackwork
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Re: Bewitching Blackwork

Mogrann wrote: 10 Jun 2024 14:13 First time ever doing Blackwork and must say I enjoyed it very much. I will be doing more. This was a free pattern from Peppermint Purple
Oh wow that came out gorgeous!
by Sirithre
10 Jun 2024 03:44
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Topic: Stitch Alignment
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Re: Stitch Alignment

ButternutTheEven wrote: 09 Jun 2024 21:08 I want my character to be Lawful Evil, but when I did the quiz I got Lawful Neutral. I want my character to be the organized but stubborn villain type. I'm almost lawful good, but I'm just lazy and my backs are messy.
Totally valid! You don't have to go with what the quiz thinks. :)