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by SeaDragons_Lair
29 Mar 2024 14:14
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Topic: Specialty Practice
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Re: Specialty Practice

This is amazing!! I've been wanting to try Hardanger but I've been so nervous! I just might have to give it a go!
by SeaDragons_Lair
28 Mar 2024 19:24
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Topic: Stitch Alignment
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Re: Stitch Alignment

I got Chaotic Good (followed up by all the chaos lolz!)
Chaotic Good.jpg
Chaotic Good.jpg (89 KiB) Viewed 3022 times
by SeaDragons_Lair
28 Mar 2024 18:16
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Topic: Self Portrait
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Re: Self Portrait

Here is my PicCrew Pic I created. Eventually I would like to draw my own but that's for another time. My favorite color is purple so I made my hair purple. I also put on an eye patch because I'm legally blind in my left eye and even though I personally don't wear an eye patch I think their super cool!
by SeaDragons_Lair
28 Mar 2024 18:06
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Topic: Choose a Class
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Re: Choose a Class

I'm definitely a Rogue! I leave all kinds of "mistakes" in my pieces (it adds character!); I also like finishing things so I take on a mind set of "not perfect but finished".